Home Addition

One thing that homeowners like to do to increase the size of their home is adding an addition to it. The addition can be to create another whole floor or to just add a bedroom. Making addition to the home book also increase the home’s value. Some things that people should look at when deciding that they should make an addition, is the price and how to find a home addition contractor.

Home Addition

How to Calculate Home Addition Cost

Homeowners usually make the mistake of not calculating the cost of a home addition correctly. There are usually hidden costs which are difficult to plan and unexpected events that appear, which end up bringing the price to more than expected. You can save yourself a lot of stress by taking out time to properly figure out the real cost of a home addition. Here are four steps to properly calculate the cost of a home addition.

1) Measure the addition you will be adding to your home by square feet. This will give you an ideal of how big the project you will take on. You can get the square footage by multiplying the measurement of one side by the other side.

2) You can then figure out the additions base cost by multiplying the average cost of construction by the number of square feet of the new addition to your home.

3) Figure out what items may incur extra cost. Some items that will cost extra are permits, excavation and landscaping.

4) The last thing you will want to do for the unseen details is add 25 percent to the cost of the addition.

Second Story Addition

Second Story Addition

Adding a second level to a home may be a good choice for some home owners. It is sometimes cheaper to add an addition on top, since you won’t have to pay for foundation fees. There are other times, when a home owner can only add a new level on top do to constraints.

Another thing that is beneficial to adding on top, is that you most likely want have to buy a new roof. The roof of your house can be lifted off by a crane, which is much cheaper than buying a whole new roof. The roof can then be reinstalled to the second level once it is constructed.

The last thing that most homes owners enjoy is how much quicker the process is of adding a new top level. The square footage of your house can be doubled within a couple of days. The total cost of this addition will be about half the cost of adding a ground level addition.

Room Addition Contractor Serving Los Angeles County

Room Addition

When choosing a contractor to do your home addition, make sure that they received positive reviews from previous clients. You can find out a company’s reviews from reviews sites such as yelp.com and BBB.org. Checking out these sites will give you information on how fast a company responds to problems and how well their customer service is to clients.